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September 12th, 2013:

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IMG_0775_1 Hello, my name is Gerry and I am an investor who has been buying, improving, renting and selling real estate on Maui over the last decade. I can be contacted at: gshuttle@yahoo.com

What you will see on this website:
  On this page : In the left column: Real Estate Agents. In the middle column: two of my past properties and three of my present properties. In the right column: News.
  On page two: "Contacts." Some of the trades that have recently worked on my properties, and their contact information. On the right column: links to some of my other projects.

Past Properties:

Kealakai: My first Maui purchase was an ugly 1970's cinder block beach house on Kealakai Place, which is in Sprecklesville and on the road that ends at, "Baby Beach."  After purchase, this beach house was renovated, the land 117-1702_IMG_1was subdivided into two properties, then it was all sold to a neighbor.
I often think back to that beach house, the ocean breezes, the sound of the ocean's continual rolling waves, the beach just a quick stroll away.  Of all the properties that I've owned in my life - this is the one that I wish that had been kept for myself and my wife's use ... forever.

Olinda:  My second purchase was a 12.44-acre parcel of vacant land up the mountain in Olinda.  The property had an 126_2675_1inactive volcanic cinder cone, and a contractor was hired to bulldoze and excavate in roadways to the land, as well as converting the floor of the cinder cone into a wonderful horse riding arena.

    The beach house and the Olinda properties were sold a few years ago, and the bank loans were repaid about one year before the implosion of property prices that occurred in 2008. As money was easy to borrow at that time from the banks, I was very much in debt to them - if the properties hadn't sold when they did, oh, hate to think of it!  But of course the prices have now recovered and risen more than when they were sold.

Present Properties:

In 2012 I re-entered the Maui real estate market and purchased:

Kumulani: A house and cottage on a lot in Maui Meadows, Kihei.IMG_0941_1; After a few weeks of renovation by Tom and Cory, the cottage, then the house were rented to wonderful tenants.  Over time, Veimau built rock walls on the property, Tom and Cory built a shed, and recently Duke landscaped by adding many trees and shrubs, and improvements to the driveway have occurred.

Akai: A severely neglected house on Akai Street, Kihei.  An addition had been built in 1989 by the previous owner, but the plumbing, electrical and building inspections were never completed.  Then over the following years, too many tenants making very poor choices lived in the building and caused disturbance to the neighbors and hoarded junk throughout the property.  01 - Front Car Port_1_1
It's been six months since I purchased the house: there was a mass removal of all of the junk; a thorough cleaning; painting the interior and interior of the home; one of the suites was completed and rented out to a family of four; and the other two suites are still being worked on, with one of the incomplete suites being livable - for me at least; John used his little backhoe to sculpt the land; Duke did plantings and irrigation; and Veimaui and Sione built rock walls.

Mikioi: Another property in Maui Meadows, this one being a cottage and a vacant lot that a 3-bedroom home could be built on and having ocean views.   The previous owner had built the cottage, and done a nice job of it. It is named, "Purple."  The previous owner also set in place all of the services for the vacant lot, a paved driveway, IMG_0859_1septic field and connection for the house, underground electricity, water, cable and phone.
John Wheelright used his little backhoe to clean up the overgrown weeds, and he re-sculpted the land and built small rock walls.   Duke then came in with his crew and planted Plumerias, Crotons, Areka and Foxtail Palms, and set in place the irrigation system.
          The cottage is spoken for. The vacant lot will be ready for sale this winter, and it will be an easy build for someone who wants a sweet 3-bedroom house with ocean views in the nice, cool area of Maui Meadows.


August 19, 2013/Kumulani:  All of the trees and shrubs are planted, and the irrigation is now in place.  Scott Miles is working at getting rid of all of the weeds, then bark mulch can be brought in and spread in all of the gardens.

August 5, 2013/Akai:  Just in time, the 1,000 sq. foot portion of the house is finally finished.  A family of four moved from the Mainland and into this portion of the home August 8th.

July 15, 2013/Mikioi:  Duke, Leo and John W. have finished planting all of the Plumerias, Areka Palms, crotons, and other plantings.  Duke set the irrigation in place, and the plants seem all to be getting over their transplanting shock and have started to thrive.